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  • Ocean Ecology by the MITgcm model

A model for ocean biogeochemistry and plankton ecosystem. The original model is developed by Dutkiewitz et al. [2009]. I incorporated this model within the ECCOv4 framework [Forget et al., 2015] and added the riverine contributions of nutrients to the ocean. The model results include the concentrations of different nutrients (C, N, P, Si, Fe), phytoplankton (6), and zooplankton (2). I also archived important fluxes such as primary production, chlorophyll concentrations, particle sinking. The video below shows 20 years monthly primary production (PP) during 1992-2011.

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Monthly Primary Production (PP) during 1992-2011 simulated by DARWIN model

And the distribution of phytoplankton function groups:

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Ecological Provinces from a computer simulation of the marine global ecosystems. Each color represents a different distinct combination of the most dominant phytoplankton function types (as shown in the Venn diagram top right). The opacity indicates the total concentration of phytoplankton biomass: the darker the color, the less phytoplankton


Animation Credit: Oliver Jahn, MIT.

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