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  • PALM Codes and Results

        Codes and model results [zip]

        PALM-CNN codes and results [rar]

  • Global Mercury Emission Inventory

    World Hg Emission Trends (WHET) [zip]

  • Nested-grid GEOS-Chem mercury simulation over North America

    A script to benchmark nested-grid mercury simulations over North America. The benchmarking directory available on github includes all necessary IDL scripts, input files, tracerinfo and diaginfo files, sample bpch files that can be used as reference files, and a README. Please check the README for detailed information and instructions for setting up and running the benchmarking scripts. [github]

    The source code of the nested-grid model itself is available over the GEOS-Chem website.


  • China PAH Emission Inventory

    China National Emission [rar]
    China Provincal Emission [rar]
    China County Emission [rar]
    China 1kmx1km Emission [rar]


  • Global PAH Emission Inventory

    Global Emission [rar]
    Global 1degx1deg Emission [rar]

    Some of these files are password protected, please email me to ask for the passwords.


  • Hourly Ozone data for Shinichiro Fujimori

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